Celtics Basketball

Updated Saturday December 30, 2017 by Kathy Keating.

SPPAA's Basketball Program is open to boys and girls beginning in 3rd grade.  Structured under the framework of the Harrisburg Diocese CYO Basketball Program, SPPAA's program provides both instructional and competitive levels.  Instructional teams are generally for our 3rd and 4th grade athletes while competitive teams are for older athletes.

The primary purpose of CYO basketball is to provide opportunities for youth to grow in faith and understanding of their Church through involvement in parish and diocesan life. Secondarily, the purpose is to teach young men and women the fundamentals of basketball, including good sportsmanship, healthy competition, and cooperative team play.

Source: 19th edition of the Diocese of Harrisburg Catholic Youth Organization Girls and Boys Grade School and High School Basketball Policies 

During the 2015/16 basketball season, SPPAA hosted 107 grade school athletes and 31 high school athletes; forty (40) coaches continually offered their time, talent and energies to the program!