Basketball Uniform / Information

Updated Wednesday April 6, 2016 by Kathy Keating.

  • When you launder your athlete’s uniform, do NOT use fabric softener – it causes the numerals to separate from the shirts.  If possible, let the uniform air dry.
  • SPPAA’s uniforms are reversible.  Home games are played in WHITE; away games are played in GREEN.
  • If your athlete desires to wear something underneath his/her uniform jersey, be advised that the colors of the underlying layer must match the primary color of the outer layer.  For home games, this means a white shirt must be worn underneath; for away games, a dark green shirt.
  • Jewelry is not permitted during games – referees will request it be removed. 
  • Some of the younger players favor light up sneakers – please be advised these are not permitted during games.
  • HYDRATE: Athletes should have full water bottle; they'll need it!